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Eine Schülerin schreibt etwas auf Spanisch an die Wandtafel.
Sprachaufenthalt in Kanada
Ich habe meinen Traum erfüllt
Preview of the video «Sprachaufenthalt in Kanada»
Preview of the video «Sprachaufenthalt in Kanada»
Preview of the video «Sprachaufenthalt in Byron Bay Australien»
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Preview of the video «Sprachaufenthalt in Kanada»
Preview of the video «Sprachaufenthalt in Kanada»
Linguista language courses
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Are you ready for the best time of your life?
For over 35 years, Linguista Sprachaufenthalte has been your reliable partner when it comes to organizing language study trips worldwide with enthusiasm and passion for languages and travel. We maintain a trusting and long-standing working relationship with our international partner schools, guaranteeing you a high standard of quality and great flexibility. Our team consists of proven language travel specialists, all of whom are experienced travelers and have of course been on several language study trips themselves. We provide you with free, comprehensive and competent advice. We know how to respond to the individual wishes of our customers and plan each language study trip individually and tailored to their learning goals, previous knowledge and personal needs.
Strengths: Linguista offers free advice on language study trips for all ages and language goals. Our staff have been on site and know the partner schools personally. Benefit from our know-how.
Region: Aargau, Basel, Bern, Ostschweiz, Zentralschweiz, Zürich
Sites: Aarau, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Winterthur, Zürich
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Quality English
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8001 Zürich
EF Sprachaufenthalte und Kulturaustausch Weltweit
Experience, competence and service are top priorities at EF! Since 1965, more than 3 million language students have chosen to learn a language abroad with EF. Today, we are one of the world's largest private organizers of language stays and language travel. We think that's not without reason! At our own language schools in 50 fascinating destinations, we offer a varied program for all language levels and all age groups. Since 2008, we have also been working successfully with the University of Cambridge ESOL - with further benefits for our customers.
Strengths: Own EF language schools and EF learning method / Over 55 years of experience / Organization from A-Z / Guaranteed learning success / Own app during your stay
Region: Aargau, Basel, Bern, Liechtenstein, Ostschweiz, Tessin, Westschweiz, Zentralschweiz, Zürich
Sites: Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Genf, Lausanne, Lugano, Luzern, St. Gallen, Zürich
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Gustavo Fernández de Balbuena, 11
28002 Madrid
Don Quijote Spanish School
don Quijote is a language school where Spanish comes alive. Would you like to learn Spanish in Spain? We offer intensive courses that will help you learn Spanish quickly and effectively. You will be able to immerse yourself in the language and communicate confidently in Spanish.

Every student is unique, so our Spanish courses are tailor-made for all ages and levels. All courses start on Mondays and our teachers are trained to help you achieve your goals, whether you are starting from scratch or want to improve your Spanish skills.

At don Quijote you have the opportunity to choose the goal of your Spanish course. You can immerse yourself in the culture of Spain by choosing one of the 11 cities where we have schools: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salamanca, Seville, Marbella, Tenerife, Malaga, Alicante, Granada or Cadiz.But if you prefer to learn Spanish in Latin America, you can also study in Mexico, Argentina or Ecuador.
Region: Aargau, Basel, Bern, Liechtenstein, Ostschweiz, Tessin, Westschweiz, Zentralschweiz, Zürich
Sites: Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Spain, Malaga, Marbella, Salamanca, Sevilla, Tenerife, Valencia
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Vordere Vorstadt 8
5001 Aarau
BIKU Languages AG
Are you demanding? Do you expect the best quality? Are you not satisfied with average performance? Then BIKU Languages is the right place for you! We have specialized in language travel worldwide since 1986 and can help you find the language school that suits you best. We offer you the original prices of the schools and take care of the administrative work for you. You will be advised by a person who knows all the schools and has visited them personally.
Region: Aargau
Sites: Aarau

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Questions and answers

Nowadays, it's not just teenagers and young adults who want to learn a new language or improve their Spanish, but also more and more professionals and older people. For this reason, language courses for 50+ or even language courses for seniors are being offered more and more frequently. Such a language study trip is thematically geared towards this target group, so that sentences such as "My name is Karla and I'm in 8th grade" do not occur in such a language course. The pace of learning is also adapted, especially in senior language courses, and promises a pleasant learning atmosphere. In addition to the language courses, leisure activities are often undertaken together with the group, such as excursions and visits to restaurants, cultural events or places of interest. In this way, what has been learned in the Spanish language course is applied immediately after the day, maximizing the learning effect.

Language students can prepare for Spanish diploma examinations in special diploma courses. During a language study trip for a Spanish diploma, you will attend a preparation course for one of the DELE examinations (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera). These exams are officially recognized and confirm the corresponding level of Spanish at six different levels: Beginner A1, Basic A2, Intermediate B1, Advanced B2, Efficient C1 and Mastery C2. However, not every language school offers preparation courses for every language level, so you should enquire about this directly with the individual Spanish language schools at the start of your search (e.g. via our contact form). You should also note that these special courses do not start every week, but are based on the exam dates. DELE exams take place a total of eight times a year, although not every language level can be tested on every exam date. The language schools for a Spanish language study trip will provide you with detailed information on this.

Before your language study trip for a Spanish language course, you decide what type of accommodation you would like, such as a hall of residence, a hostel or accommodation with a host family. If you have chosen the "host family" option, you can make special requests with some schools, for example that you would like a smoke-free and pet-free household, that you would like a single room with a private bathroom or that you follow a special diet plan. However, whether your family consists of an older couple or a large family with five children is often beyond your control. However, many language schools try to take the wishes of their students into account as far as possible. Therefore, if you absolutely want to stay in a childless household during your language study trip or, conversely, not at all with a married couple without children, let them know when you book your language study trip to a Spanish-speaking country so that they can choose a host family according to your wishes. It is best to speak directly to the school in question about your requirements and clarify the details in advance.

Although it is obvious to learn Spanish in Spain, for example in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Tarifa, Seville, Salamanca, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca or one of the many other attractive cities, a language study trip to learn Spanish can of course also take place in another Spanish-speaking country. Popular countries include Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador and Guatemala. Which country, region and city is best suited to you depends primarily on you and your expectations. If you want to learn Spanish quickly and easily, don't want to take a long flight and can estimate your budget well, Spain will certainly be the best alternative for you. Which city you choose in this case depends on what you expect from a language study trip. You will find the youngest possible people and parties in Ibiza, for example, whereas in Granada it is mainly cultural and scenic journeys of discovery that are possible. If Spain is not an option for a language study trip, choose the most fascinating Latin American country for you and find out about the special features of the individual destinations directly from the language schools.

Yes, when you register for a language study trip to a Spanish-speaking country, you decide which language course you would like to attend. As a rule, you can choose between different intensities, which is reflected in the number of lessons per week. For example, some language schools offer Spanish courses from as little as 15 lessons per week, with the average for a standard course being around 20 lessons per week. Intensive courses with 25 or 30 lessons per week are also possible, as are combination courses consisting of a standard course with 20 lessons plus 5 or 10 individual lessons. There are also diploma preparation courses, courses directly at the teacher's home or mini-groups, business language courses, courses for special age groups, special courses that combine a leisure activity such as diving, surfing, cooking or salsa with a language course or even exclusively private lessons, which can include an individual number of lessons per week depending on your own wishes. Before booking your Spanish language course, you should therefore take a close look at the different types of Spanish language courses to find the one that suits you best.

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