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Are you looking for a provider for your training in housing counseling? Here you will find suitable schools, training courses and courses as well as further information and decision-making aids for choosing the right further training. Read here how you can quickly become a housing consultant.

Would you like personal advice on the training courses on offer? Contact the provider of your choice via the "Free information on the topic..." button - without obligation, quickly and easily.

Self-test "Housing consultant training": Is this course the right one for me?

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As a home consultant, let other apartments and houses shine in new splendor

Would you like to complete vocational training or further education and give free rein to your creativity? Do you have a keen sense of style, materials and colors? Would you like to beautify rooms in houses and apartments as a professional interior design consultant and bring out the best in them? If you also have a confident, friendly and convincing manner, you should find out more about this interesting further training course.

Thanks to this specialization, consultants with experience in this field as well as career changers have excellent career opportunities. Home consultants respond to customer requests, experiment with colors, shapes and materials and create plans to implement individual room concepts. Expand your expertise in purchasing, consulting, order processing and planning.

Quality of living is becoming increasingly important nowadays and there are countless styles, such as romantic, modern, simple, elegant or practically inexpensive. Help your future customers to realize their personal living dreams. Another plus point: once you have completed your training, nothing stands in the way of self-employment. Become your own boss and impress with your expertise and creativity.

Our platform presents you with numerous interesting offers for further training as a housing consultant. This profession is also ideal for committed mothers and fathers thanks to freely divisible working hours. Take the plunge today and set an important milestone towards your personal career goal.

Questions and answers

Die Ausbildung zum Wohnberater respektive zur Wohnberaterin richtet sich an interessierte Personen, die über eine abgeschlossene berufliche Grundbildung und Berufspraxis im Verkauf, der Wohnberatung oder der Innendekoration verfügen und sich umfassende Kompetenzen in der Wohnberatung aneignen wollen. Aktuelle Zulassungsbedingungen erfragen Sie bitte direkt bei den Anbietern.

Die Dauer der Weiterbildung zur Wohnberaterin / zum Wohnberater ist sehr unterschiedlich und hängt vom jeweiligen Anbieter und Angebot ab. Sie kann zwischen wenigen Tagen und bis zu einem Jahr betragen.

Raumgestaltung, Skizzieren, Perspektive und Zeichnen gehören ebenso zu den Inhalten eines Lehrgangs Wohnberater / Wohnberaterin wie die Farbenlehre und Materialkunde für Textilien, Hölzer, Leder etc. Auch Stilkunde, Produktkenntnisse und Massaufnahme sind Themen des Kurses, ebenso wie Verkaufsschulung.

Bei dem Bildungsangebot zum Wohnberater / zur Wohnberaterin handelt es sich nicht um eine Berufslehre mit eidgenössischem Abschluss, sondern um einen Lehrgang mit schulinternem Abschlusszeugnis (Zert.). Sollten Sie in diesem Bereich nach einer Berufslehre suchen, so wenden Sie sich bitte über unser Kontaktformular an diese Schule und erfragen Sie Informationen zu den Berufslehren Dekorationsnäher/in mit EBA, Wohntextilgestalter/in mit EFZ oder aber Raumausstatter/in EFZ (ehemals Innendekorateur/in EFZ), welche allesamt einen eidgenössisch anerkannten Abschluss bieten und eine gute Basis für weiterführende Lehrgänge in diesem Bereich darstellen.

Information, tips and tests for the further training course "Housing consultant (certified)"

What do I learn in the training to become a housing consultant? What requirements should I fulfill for this job? Will I graduate?
» Self-test: Does this apprenticeship suit me?
What is required in a housing consultant job? How are the activities divided up?
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Haven't found the right training or further education yet? Benefit from educational advice now!

Further training is not only important in order to maintain or increase professional attractiveness, investing in training or further training is still the most efficient way to increase the chances of a pay rise.

The Swiss education system offers a wide range of individual training and further education opportunities - depending on your personal level of education, professional experience and educational goals.

Choosing the right educational offer is not easy for many prospective students.

Which training and further education is the right one for my path?

Our education advisory team will guide you through the "education jungle", providing specific input and relevant background information to help you choose the right offer.

Your advantages:

You will receive

  • Suggestions for suitable courses, seminars or training programs based on the information you provide in the questionnaire
  • An overview of the different levels and types of education
  • Information about the Swiss education system

We offer our educational counseling in the following languages on request: French, Italian, English

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