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Sofort zur richtigen Weiterbildung

Pfingstweidstrasse 96
8005 Zürich
ZHAW IAP Institute of Applied Psychology - Continuing Education
The IAP is a university institute of the Department of Applied Psychology at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. At the IAP, we make psychological knowledge applicable in practice. With a wide range of continuing education courses and services, we impart psychological knowledge and support our clients in transferring it into practice.

In our work at the IAP, we combine scientific knowledge with many years of practical experience. This forms the basis for a range of psychological services and training courses that are practice-oriented, field-tested and scientifically sound. In other words, psychology that helps in everyday work and life. The IAP's offer is eduQua-certified.

Participants expand their specialist knowledge, explore their strengths and development potential, can apply their newly acquired skills quickly and purposefully in their professional and private lives thanks to the practical transfer and develop their own personality.
Region: Zürich
Sites: Zürich

Schulen mit zertifizierter Bildungsberatung

Educational counseling online

Erfahrungen, Bewertungen und Meinungen zur Ausbildung / Weiterbildung

Preview of the video «4 Schritte zur richtigen Weiterbildung»

Haven't found the right training or further education yet? Benefit from educational advice now!

Further training is not only important in order to maintain or increase professional attractiveness, investing in training or further training is still the most efficient way to increase the chances of a pay rise.

The Swiss education system offers a wide range of individual training and further education opportunities - depending on your personal level of education, professional experience and educational goals.

Choosing the right educational offer is not easy for many prospective students.

Which training and further education is the right one for my path?

Our education advisory team will guide you through the "education jungle", providing specific input and relevant background information to help you choose the right offer.

Your advantages:

You will receive

  • Suggestions for suitable courses, seminars or training programs based on the information you provide in the questionnaire
  • An overview of the different levels and types of education
  • Information about the Swiss education system

We offer our educational counseling in the following languages on request: French, Italian, English

Register now and concretize your training plans.