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European and Chinese Business Management, Universität Zürich
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The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) European and Chinese Business Management offered by the University of Zurich is a top-level post-graduate study programme. In light of China’s emergence into the central stage of world affairs and the growing importance of cooperation between China and Europe from a socio-economic development perspective, business leaders and managers who work in the context of either continent need to have profound interdisciplinary know-how and strong intercultural competences.

This MAS programme offers both advanced theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in international management. Students with high career ambitions and promising managerial potentials from around the world study in an intellectually challenging and inspiring environment. Courses are taught entirely in English by an international faculty with lecturers from world renowned universities and business schools. Guest lectures contribute to the learning of applied knowledge. In addition, elective courses are provided, which include seminars on the latest developments in the business world and business Chinese/German language courses.


Curriculum setting

The curriculum consists of 4 modules and lasts 1 year (65 ECTS).
In module 1, participants learn the basics of international management. Module 2 focusses on regional characteristics of business management in Europe and China.
The courses are held weekly in 2-3 day course blocks (module 1: Monday-Wednesday, module 2: Thursday-Saturday) and are awarded a total of 51 ECTS.

The second semester consists of a mandatory internship in an international company or organization (4 ECTS) and writing the MAS thesis (10 ECTS).

Module 1 - International Management

  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Macroeconomics, Development Economics and Future Economics Systems
  • Business Ethics
  • Social Science Research Design
  • Personality and Positive Psychology
  • Leadership and Human Resources Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Management

Module 2 - Courses on Management with a focus on Europe and China

Focus on Europe

  • European Business Management, Government and Society
  • Financial Industry - Money and Banking
  • Management of European Multinational Corporations
  • Case Studies on Challenges of European Firms Doing Business in China

Focus on China

  • Chinese Culture and Enterprise Management
  • Macroeconomics in China
  • E-Commerce and Marketing in China
  • China Update
  • China Goes Global - Cases Studies

Module 3 - Internship

All participants are to complete an internship (4-6 months) in an international company/organization. For European students it is recommended to do the internship in China, for Chinese students in European work environments.

Module 4 - MAS Thesis

Students write their MAS thesis within the last 2-3 months of the programme. The thesis is written in groups of 2-3 students. The research thesis is supervised by one of the programme instructors.

Additional courses

In addition to these four modules, elective courses will be provided which include workshops, seminars on the latest developments in the business world, as well as business Chinese/German language classes.



The teaching staff is made up of instructors from the University of Zurich, guest lecturers from other higher education institutions, and of specialists with practical and/or academic experience in Sino-European cooperations.


Language: All courses are taught in English.