Preschool/Vorkindergarten Englisch: 1 Anbieter

Jetzt komfortabel Gratis-Infos zu Preschool/Vorkindergarten Englisch von den untenstehenden Anbietern Ihrer Wahl anfordern.

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MA E-LINGO Teaching English to Young Learners Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg
E-LINGO is a part-time two-year postgraduate blended-learning Masters programme leading to a qualification in the teaching of English to young learners. All over the world children start learning foreign languages at an increasingly early age. It is an excellent form of professional development if you are already working in early years education or in a field related to the English language (eg translator, publishing). The E-LINGO Masters degree also gives access to degree courses in teacher education and research at university level. E-LINGO is a blended-learning programme combining online coursework with 5 x 2 days of face-to-face teaching sessions at the University of Education (Freiburg, Southern Germany). Part-time study allows you to combine academic study with work or other commitments. The majority of the programme is delivered online using the E-LINGO learning platform. The E-LINGO Masters degree is fully Bologna compatible, which means that it is recognised across Europe and respected worldwide.
Region: Aargau, Basel, Bern, Liechtenstein, Ostschweiz, Tessin, Westschweiz, Zentralschweiz, Zürich
Standorte: Freiburg

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