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Education and Training at Swiss TPH

Swiss TPH offers a unique learning experience in a wide range of topics, including international health, epidemiology, public health, infection biology, clinical practice, insurance medicine and management. Three distinct but complementary teaching levels train students from all over the world in these topics. Swiss TPH offers undergraduate and master opportunities, as well as doctoral and PhD programmes in association with the University of Basel. At the postgraduate level, Swiss TPH provides a range of professional certificates (CAS), diplomas (DAS) and master (MAS) programmes.


Professional Postgraduate Programmes and Courses

Swiss TPH offers 45 practice-oriented and evidenced-based programmes and courses a year. From short courses to professional master programmes, students can choose from a diverse teaching portfolio, covering topics such as international health, clinical practice, management, and global health in the Swiss context. All of the offers contribute to extending and building the skills and knowledge of an individual. Thus, the courses and programmes facilitate career changes as well as personal and professional development.

Swiss TPH offers numerous health-oriented programmes and courses based on the concept of lifelong learning. This professional postgraduate education and training allows individuals to build practical skills and knowledge at a later point in their personal and professional lives. All offerings are accredited by the University of Basel. 


Professional Postgraduate Programmes and Courses at Swiss TPH:

Master of Advanced Studies
MBA International Health Management (MBA-IHM)
MAS International Health (MIH)

Diploma and Certificate of Advanced Studies
DAS Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation (HCM)
CAS Internationale Zusammenarbeit und globale Gesundheit (IZGG)
In collaboration with Swiss TPH:
DAS Clinical Trial Practice and Management
CAS Clinical Research I, CAS Clinical Research II

Clinical Short Courses
Good Clinical Practice Training for Investigators and Study Teams
Diagnostikkurse in medizinischer Parasitologie
Diagnostic en parasitologie médicale
Travellers' Health 
Reisemedizin Update 
Management Short Courses
MBA Course: Economic Evaluation in Health Care (EEHC)
MBA Course: Financial Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting (FBAR)
MBA Course: Foundations of International Health Management (FIHM)
MBA Course: Health Economics and Health Financing (HEHF)
MBA Course: Health Policy and Systems Analysis (HPSA)
MBA Course: Leadership (LEAD)
MBA Course: Organisational Behaviour & Transformational Management  (OBTM)
MBA Course: Practice-Oriented Project (POP)
MBA Course: Social Marketing and Communication (SMAC)
MBA Course: Strategic Planning for Health Interventions (SPHI)
MBA Course: Supply Chain Management in Health Care (SCMH)

Public/International/Global Health Short Courses
Malaria Course in Tanzania
Health in Detention
IZGG Modul: Globale Gesundheit
IZZG Modul: Internationale Zusammenarbeit
SSPH+ Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics and Management in Lugano 
Travel Health for Expatriates and Their Families

In collaboration with Swiss TPH:
European Course in Tropical Epidemiology
MPH Course: Health systems and services
MPH Course: From Evidence to Implementation and Evaluation in Public Health
MPH Kurs: Bewertung, Vergütung und optimale Versorgung im Gesundheitswesen
MPH Kurs: Gesundheitsökonomische Modellierung - Hands-on
MPH Kurs: Umwelt und Gesundheit
MPH Kurs: Statistische Methoden zum Umgang mit Confounding und Interaktionen in epidemiologischen Studien
Science of Eradication: Malaria


Continuous Education
Specialization for the title "Public Health physician" or "Travel and Tropical medicine"


Professional Postgraduate Programmes, Courses and Continuous Education

» Postgraduate courses


Excellence in global health

To find solutions to today’s global health challenges, interdisciplinary partnerships are essential; a fact recognised
by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), an associated institute of the University of Basel and part
of the global tropEd-network.

TropEd is an international network of member institutions for higher education in international/global health from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. tropEd provides postgraduate opportunities for education and training contributing to sustainable development. It focuses on improving the management of health services for disadvantaged populations. The innovative approach is based on mobility of people, the exchange of experiences in different disciplines and the establishment of a common standard in education and training.

Drawing from its global network and its experience in research, service provision,
education and training, Swiss TPH offers a unique study environment for those looking to improve international health and the well-being of populations.